So,…you’ve received initial funding (or maybe continued funding). You’ve started to build (or built) a stellar “core” team, ready to bring uber amazing products + services to life, in your market. Your Developers (maybe CTO) have / has a brilliant head on his / her shoulder, coding databases in their sleep. Your Product people hail from the likes of “itzwibel”, a killer app recently purchased by Apple (and formerly ex-Googler’s, etc.). Your PR team (or guru) is on standby, ready to help you build that buzz you’ve been craving for years, and years…and you believe in them, since they’ve done it before (they helped Instagram get in the spotlight, and we all know that story). But, is that enough…?

What now…?

Why will “it” matter…?

Who will you reach…?

How will you reach “them”…?

When will you begin to “connect”, emotionally…through the power of design + technology?

Will “they” care (enough to do something)…?

The simple answer: RE / START

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