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project info // We love startups… They’re on the cusp of all things cool, and unbelievably agile + adaptive. So, when the team of Apptimyze approached us to help support them in developing a Brand image (and Landing Page design) that disrupted their space, we were all for it. Apptimyze is a marketing technology platform that harnesses the power of your existing marketing technologies to drive a downpour of transparent, optimized leads that convert to customers for your brand. Who doesn’t want that?!? Experiencing high growth, and building brand loyalty (as a startup in early stages) is never easy. Apptimyze is now ready to take the world by storm. And, we’re more than excited to see them reach the spotlight, supporting their growth as they do.

what we did // Brand Design, Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Concept Development, Landing Page Design, Web Design, Web Development

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