The business of design.

The business of design.

A recent article (from Fast Co. Design) speaks to the idea of designers winning a place in the C-Suite, beginning to lead + drive + empower organizations of varying sizes. From start ups to Fortune 500 / 100 players, it’s the “in” thing.

We couldn’t agree more. But…it’s more than just a fad.

Now more than ever, the most innovative + disruptive companies (small-large) are creating ideas, launching products and services, that are design centric first, and metric driven second – here to stay. Ahh, yes… it’s the reverse of all B-School teachings, but, undoubtedly the right move.

People, customers, clients, users…all share one thing in common. They want to connect on an emotional level with brands, organizations, service providers – and all those in which are “selling” to them. They need and want to be moved.

Design can now be looked upon as a form of sales; a vehicle to visually announce and best represent the tangibles or intangibles of what you’re trying to in fact sell. While messaging, content, marketing, and strategy still have weight – design is opening more doors than ever before, and many times…also leveraging great technology solutions to connect at every touch point.

Will your brand begin to lead with design (from the inside out), becoming connection centric™? It’s time to say (or scream), “yes!”.

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