Ourglass — The Super App.

Branding & Identity, Web3 Experience Design

Ourglass is a revolutionary lifestyle platform, seamlessly blending social media and entertainment, built on a blockchain-enabled technology infrastructure. We partnered with the Founders of Ourglass to bring a Web3-first experience design to life, empowering users and consumers to engage with meaningful content expreiences that impacted their daily lives. In early-stages, we rolled out a brand architecture, visual identity/brand, design system (including iconography, pattern variants) and visual language that could seamlessly communicate the ethos of Ourglass to the world, with a level of interactivty that activated their visual senses. One-part decentralized...One-part disruptive: Ourglass is positioned to put full control back into the digital hands of its users.

  • Brand Strategy & Architecture
  • Design Systems
  • Design Language