Fluxa — Accelerating Speed To Market For New Therapies.

Branding & Identity

Fluxa helps life sciences companies heal the world more effectively, replacing manual product lifecycles with a digitally iterative knowledge and tech transfer management process. It integrates the complexities of industrial drug development and manufacture into more predictive and adaptive processes. As a centralized, digital source of truth, Fluxa charts a path towards an overall mission of faster, cheaper, and safer access to life-saving drugs. Working in alignment with the Founding Team at Fluxa with a shared vision for growth, we brought a modern and minamlistic identity front and forward. With cohesion between ID Design, Visual & Design Language, and the potential to scale out Design Systems, Fluxa was prepared for a major pivot from a private (independently owned) company - to a larger acqusition by Emerson (a Global Tech/Software Company in the Life Sciences Industry) in July 2022.

Success Story: Emerson, a Global Technology and Software Company, Strengthens Leadership in Life Sciences Industry with Acquisition of Fluxa (July 2022)

  • Brand Strategy & Architecture
  • Design Systems
  • Design Language
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